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10A Problem Submitting Correct Answer

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    Oh, very good!



    @Hello, ha ha the two together – Madness and the man with the hat.
    They are both mad – Madness by choice of name, Harry driven mad by too much music.*
    Yes Harry’s hat would look nice with a ten shillings and sixpence tag stuck on it!

    *Now why does Harry keep hearing too much music? It must be that band around his hat! 😉

    On a serious note, GordenWelchman who posted earlier seems worthy to use that namesake do you not think?

    Think Bletchley Park and you think Alan Turing but William Gordon Welchman anybody?
    Find out here:


    /Which/ nine letters did I use? Do they come in groups?



    Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry was the Madhatter from Alice in Wonderland.
    Now I’m getting a very vivid image of Harry’s appearance…

    (BTW, that joke about Harry hearing too much music was a good one! I might write that down 😉 )

    Now, about Gordon Welchman…

    Didn’t he work at Station X in Bletchley Park (Britain’s secret codebreaking centre) in WWI?


    “Houston we have a problem… lack of communication from all involved”.

    I’m feeling lonely in this forum thread, anyone else out there struggling too?

    Harry, as a gauge is it possible to let us known how many have solved it so far?


    Next clue for 10B (publish when the time comes): Each letter has the same value, no matter where
    it occurs.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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