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9A helps please

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    Harry please give us a hint about 9A


    How did you solve 8A?


    That’s one easy cipher for some, one hard cipher for others but you have done it before!


    This should get the prize for hint of the year!
    Although perhaps it should be ‘one hard cipher for some, and an easy one for others …’.


    @the-letter-wriggler by done it before, do you mean the type of cipher has been used this year or has been used in the cipher challenge in the past?


    Hi Pingu, please see Epicgeeth above, that was not a request but a statement, couple it with my cryptic clue and maybe you will be successful. All the best and have a nice holiday.


    Sorry Pingu, I have just realised there is a chance that you may have solved 8A as was intended by Harry.
    I will have to refer you to the statement I made in the tread HOW TO DO 8A for my information to be correct.


    Ho my, such (unwarranted) praise from a worthy competitor, but thank you.
    I guess that either way around would do but it was logic that dictated my sentence…
    Easy for one [Edited by Harry] – Hard for the many [… and again, sorry!] 😉


    I’m tired and I’m ill. Can someone please explain (in non-cryptic language!) how 9A works?


    It is too late to help you now for the points but for your knowledge…

    First reverse the ciphertext then decrypt it as a Vigenere cipher with the keyphrase ‘onesmallsteponegiantleap’

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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