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Hint List for 9B


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    Seem to have tried every concEivable orientation of the code coming up with English looking frequencies but no cohesion in the actual text.


    Is the number 28 soMehow relevant for 9B? I’m trying to spot order in the chaOs and this does lead me down a track, but is it a dead end? Enjoying immensely…

    A small hint here (If Harry let’s it through):

    Look at the distribution of 2s. Random numbers wouldn’t create the patterns seen


    The 2s look a bit dodgy i would say


    I will help you a tiny little bit!
    If Harry allows (it gives nothing away)

    [I will allow it, but not yet. Have set to reveal after 23:00 on Saturday night, Harry]

    In 9B the digits 0,1,2 make up the cipher.
    The Digits Frequencies are
    0(9605) 1(7427) 2(1448)
    and they are in 4620 blocks of five digits each.

    There now you know as much as me!
    Do start doing something, nothing ever got solved by Just looking at It!

    And no, I have not solved it yet.

    My hint would be to look at it from a wider perspective with the use of
    soMething you have made yourself and then see what ideas you could use that make logical sense. If you think yOur idea seems very far fetched, it pRobably iSn’t worth following it.

    MErry Christmas.



    You can’t hide your MORSE from me 😉
    Your merry xmas images say:
    28 columns divide and conquer
    But is that meant as a clue?


    I expected that last line to rhyme with “say” for a moment. Anyone got any rhyming clues?



    But is that meant as a clue or nay?

    Hows that Harry.


    Definitely approve!


    Or should I just have said: “yay”?


    A mildly cryptic clue (if Harry permits it)

    this cipher is like crude oil… it needs fractionation before it is of any use…


    To from this ‘ternary’ some letters free,
    the numbers in new order now must be.
    From change of two, and two, and two, and three
    sufficient characters for this you’ll see.

    (some credits go to RhymeDB)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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