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Published Hints for 9B on the Forum

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    Published hints:

    “Look at the distribution of 2s. Random numbers wouldn’t create the patterns seen.”

    “I’ve tried ternary but it gives 27 characters” – “You will look back on that post one day!”

    “do the different types of analysis on the text that you know how to do, you should know a few considering there’ve been 8 challenges before this one. what do you get?” – “Always think: how would you make a ciphertext with certain properties, given a typical Cipher Challenge input text?”

    “The 2s look a bit dodgy i would say”

    “In 9B the digits 0,1,2 make up the cipher. The Digits Frequencies are 0(9605) 1(7427) 2(1448) and they are in 4620 blocks of five digits each.”


    Thank you! That is a really useful compilation.

    Happy Christmas, Harry


    More hints:

    “My hint would be to look at it from a wider perspective with the use of
    soMething you have made yourself and then see what ideas you could use that make logical sense. If you think yOur idea seems very far fetched, it pRobably iSn’t worth following it.

    MErry Christmas.”

    “Is the number 28 soMehow relevant for 9B? I’m trying to spot order in the chaOs and this does lead me down a track, but is it a dead end? Enjoying immensely…”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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