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Signing up

Whether you are a pupil, teacher, parent or school, if you are following along with the cipher challenge and have not signed up, then can we encourage you to do so. It only takes a few minutes and it really helps us to monitor how we are doing with reaching out to everyone across the UK. We won’t use this to spam you and you don’t have to give us loads of info. If you are in a team and have not signed up because the team captain has already done it, that doesn’t stop you from having your own account and it is better for us if you do so we can get an accurate count of participants. We ask for age and gender info, but we don’t store that with your account information it is just held in aggregate, again to give us a better idea of our audience.

Teachers signing up also help us to get a more accurate picture of which schools are taking part where. We even have schools in China, the USA, Doha and Kuwait this year, and if there are more of you out there, we would love to know!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this, we really appreciate it.

All the best,