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And so to the competition!

Well done everyone for their work on the practice challenges, it has been amazing to see so many of you do so well. We have over 5,500 competitors registered and gearing up for the competition proper, which goes live with the first Competition Challenge (Challenge 4) at 3pm tomorrow. As usual you have quite a bit of time before the first points deadline (11pm Friday) so don’t panic if you can’t get to the Challenge when it launches, or if … Read on


Time bands for challenge points

Each challenge B has a set of time bands that are used to award points for speed. These are published on the Challenge page, HOWEVER, we have not yet decided on the points for challenges 2-9 and those schedules will be updated over the next few weeks. The time bands for Challenge 1 are fixed and will not be changing. We just wanted you to know you should take the others with a pinch of salt for now. Harry



Our web team at 10Degrees make every effort to ensure that their work is widely accessible and we and they thought you might like to know how they do that. Beyond the technical side of reviewing the site structure and html, we also take neuro-diversity issues seriously, and, as the team says below, if there is anything we can do to make the competition more accessible for you or for someone you know, then please get in touch. You can … Read on


The Marking system

Alongside the change to daily deadlines (from midnight back to 11pm) we are also trying a new marking algorithm this year. We are using something called the Damerau-Levenshtein metric to measure how different your answer is to the one we have prepared. If this distance is 1, that means that you need to make one elementary correction to your solution to fix it, so for example by changing one letter, deleting one letter, inserting one letter or switching an adjacent … Read on