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Submission Deadlines

We have made one important change this year which is to move the competition points deadlines back to 11pm. We used to say up to midnight, but firstly that is a bit unfair on younger competitors, secondly it is a bit late for us to be helping if there is a problem, and thirdly it is much clearer what we mean. (Does midnight mean 00.00.00 or 24.00.00 – computers (and competitors) care about things like that!)


Submitting your answers

There is info about submitting your answers in the FAQs and to the Rules, Regulations and Policies page, so if you are unsure what you should put in the answer box, head over there and check it out.


Welcome to the 2019 National Cipher Challenge

Welcome back to the National Cipher Challenge, I can’t believe we are now in the 18th year of the competition. Back in 2005 we travelled with Harry deep under the Arctic to the Lomonosov Ridge, as he worked to recover a Soviet spy satellite that had crashed in the northern waters. The mission took place in 1957 and this year’s competition starts as Harry returned to the US to receive his new assignment. You will be working with him to … Read on